Being the first premium class supermarket in Central Asia region, galmart opened its doors in 16th December 2011. Adopting successful experience of the best foreign retail chains, we strive to increase the level of purchase making in our country.

Our mission is to become paragon in contemporary retail market of Kazakhstan by positioning on quality of life improvement, by providing best choice, comfort, quality, value and service. Developing quality of services, we opened cosy island of exquisite flowers and elegant presents under L’Arome brand name. Each L’Arome bouquet is unique and this luxurious floral composition will be an excellent memorable gift.

We offer our customers wide range of goods of food and non-food industry of national and foreign manufacturers and suppliers and products of own manufacture. galmart own manufacture every day supplies supermarket with the freshest products: starting from aromatic bread and pelmens till jams and honey under corporate label. The main galmart principles are: thorough selection of products, norms and standards adherence and high proficiency of gastrologists. Selecting initially the best products we do not use preservatives, dyes or additives – everything what emerges on your table should bring you pleasure.

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