History of the Company «Petek» began in 1855 in Veles (Macedonia). It came from the ancient human passion to the well-dressed leather, its waving and unique smell prompted a small family workshop for the manufacture of saddles and harnesses. The craft was immediately managed because the perfectly dressed leather and impeccable quality is the value to the consumer at the level of gold and other jewelry. The generations were changed, using and transferring their acquired experience and skillsto descendants and extended the range by truly unique pieces of leather products. So there was a tradition in the manufacture and design of the natural beauty of genuine leather. Secrets of the manufacturing leather products are saved by manufacturersfor the fourth generation.

Using highquality raw materials, careful and consistent attention to details, superior works of art created theinherent style of «Petek», different from other leather manufacturers, namely, practicality and elegance. All items by «Petek» are the products of centuries of skills and experience. That is why the true connoisseurs of products of the brand understand the price of more than a century of experience of masters, who in spite of the introduction of new technologies, have not lost secrets in manufacturing handmade leather goods of the highest quality. After each produced item keeps the warmth of human hands.

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